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How to fix Firefox "Show Downloads Folder" after installing Git Cola

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How to fix Firefox "Show Downloads Folder" after installing Git Cola

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After installing Git Cola specially in Arch Linux whenever you press the "Show Downloads Folder" in Downloads Library or "Open Containing Folder" in Downloads popup Git Cola pops up instead of the default file manager. This happens because of MIME edits that Git Cola does whole installing. Anyway is very easy to fix, just follow these steps
  • Open up Terminal and type

    Code: Select all

    sudo nano /usr/share/applications/mimeinfo.cache
  • Search for inode/directory
  • Remove git-cola-folder-handler.desktop; from inode/directory=git-cola-folder-handler.desktop;Thunar-folder-handler.desktop;
  • Thunar-folder-handler.desktop; this part means that from now on directories will open using Thunar. Yours might be different so just remove the git-cola-folder-handler.desktop; part and you will be fine.

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