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What happened in the IBM RPG market?

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What happened in the IBM RPG market?

Post by i18nde »

I was active in this market for 10 years, and attained a high degree of competency - cranking out business systems on behalf of mainly blue chip clients. But it all came to a stop in 2002. Was this a political matter, an outsourcing matter? Or a technology change matter (I am now open source oriented).

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Re: What happened in the IBM RPG market?

Post by i-conica »

I should say I am talking about the United Kingdom, and the decline soon after a Labour government was elected in 1997. much of it comes from the outsourcing. i have a client who outsourced their call center to india.....8 months later, india outsourced the call center that they were running, to pakistan. no joke. two countries which are great rivals, if not enemies, outsourcing to each other because they could do it "cheaper" than the original contract. this way, india got the contract, then outsourced it. they made money on the contract then on the cheaper labor. i still get the occasional inquiry from the UK, ireland, and other european countries, generally dealing with contracting me for my JD Edwards knowledge.

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