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Reinstall and upgrade at the same time ...............

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Reinstall and upgrade at the same time ...............

Post by zlong » Sat Sep 01, 2012 5:54 am

The previous tip (The Penultimate Solution) assumes that you have a Windows CD with the appropriate built in Service Pack in order to reinstall your faulty copy of Windows.

But I have successfully done an “in-place upgrade” on a Windows XP Home Service Pack 1 installation by using an XP Home with Service Pack 2 CD. And the result was a simultaneously repaired and upgraded PC!

This may work with other combinations - perhaps XP Home with no Service Pack could be repaired and upgraded at the same time in the same way. It may also work for XP Professional. But I haven’t tried any of these other combinations yet!

I would certainly try it again with XP Home.

How to stop Windows XP hiding the 'not recently used' items in the Classic Start Menu

I use the “Classic” start menu because I prefer it to the Windows XP one. (I’m just an old fashioned guy!)

But I got fed up with it hiding items that I hadn’t used recently (I want them there for when I do want to use them!).

So this is how to stop it:

Right click Start, select Properties,

Select "Start Menu" tab

Against "Classic Start Menu", click Customize button

Deselect "Use Personalized Menus"

Click OK button

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