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Sound card problem

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Sound card problem

Post by iageoscience » Wed Sep 05, 2012 7:32 am

I have a computer that I had to reinstall the operating system on because it was so full of viruses and adaware that that was my only recourse. I loaded Windows XP Professional on it but now.... the sound card won't work. It is an integrated one - not a PCI one. When I got to the Control Panel, Sounds and Devices - the Volume tab says No Audio device and everything is grayed out. Same with the Audio tab - everything is grayed out. It lists Legacy Audio Drivers for the sound but doesn't report any problems. There is a Multimedia Audio controller that has an asterisk beside it in Device Manager but how do I determine what kind it is to load the driver? When I test the sounds like Windows Asterisk - it won't let me but ... if I do something wrong and a message comes up it will beep once through the speakers. Now that everyone is as confused as I am... can someone help?

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