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Samurai Riot released on Linux

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Samurai Riot released on Linux

Post by arifur » Mon Nov 06, 2017 12:12 pm

Samurai Riot [Steam, Official Site] is a 2D co-op Beat’em up with a few rather interesting features to set it apart from others, it's also now on Linux.

As of their patch on October 20th, the developer Wako Factory release a Linux version. This patch also included cloud saves as well as bug fixes.

Unlike a lot of beat 'em ups it's not just a straight brawler, instead you will be faced with making some choices. All of which can change the ending you get, allowing for multiple playthroughs. You could choose at one point to burn a village, or stay clean. There's eight endings in total, so it has a few different paths to follow.

Since it can be played in co-op, you don't have to make choices as a team. It seems if you pick differently, you end up in a PvP fight.

Sounds pretty good, looks great too!


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