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how to use desktop gadgets

Themes, gadgets, and Windows customization.
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how to use desktop gadgets

Post by i_amlegend » Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:31 pm

Since microsoft have taken down the desktop gadget gallery to concentration on the next windows & then have the nerve to warn people about downloading & installing gadgets from untrusted sources which is everything but mircrosoft, where do we get gadgets from nowadays? I had gadgets for various things which i found useful until recently i did a fresh install & now i am unable to find the gadgets i once used.

After testing windows 8 i wont be upgrading as win7 does exactly what i need it to do & so much more & from what i discovered its far more restricted that ever.

Posts: 30
Joined: Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:10 pm

Re: how to use desktop gadgets

Post by i_amlegend » Tue Aug 28, 2012 7:38 pm

In this tutorial we will guide you the usage of special application of desktop gadgets in windows 7 and it will be fitted in the windows 7 sidebar and here will show you where to find the gadgets and the working.

• Right click on desktop.


• Select “Gadgets”.


• Now you can view the list of gadgets by default.


• Some of list of gadgets are Clock, CPU meter, calendar, slide show, windows media and weather.



• To start a particular gadget, double click on the selected one or drag it on the desktop on desired location.


• To close the gadget just click on close(x) button which is in the right end corner of the gadget and button will appear only when the mouse is placed or else it will be hidden.



Here we shall look at the customization of the desktop and here we shall look at all the aspects in which you can configure.

• You can enlarge the gadget size by just clicking on the button shaped upwards pointing arrow on right side and just drag to enlarge the size.


• Click on the same button to decrease the gadget size.


Gadget view

• To keep the gadget always on top of window, just right click on gadget and select “Always on top”.


• The gadget opacity can be altered by right clicking on the particular gadget and select the opacity level of your choice.


Gadget uninstall

• Select the gadget in the desktop gadget gallery which you want to uninstall.


• Right click on gadget.

• Select uninstall.


The desktop gadget in windows 7 is the easiest way to bring some changes in the desktop and here you can move the gadget to the position of your choice.

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